André Belfort: Héra

The André Belfort Héra is a very special watch for women with a rectangular case which is beset with zircon in two rows. A Miyota movement works inside of this automatic watch which shows a date display next to the 6 next to the hour display. The dial of the Héra has 4 sparkling diamonds which are completed by hour indexes as Roman numerals. The crown on the right side is protected through the side flanks. In most of the models the André Belfort Héra is equipped with a massive and robust black or white ceramic bracelet. Alternatively there is a version available with a polished stainless steel band. Each one will be produced in a numbered limited edition of 2,500 pieces.

André Belfort: Aventure

The watch Aventure from André Belfort has a movement which is equipped with 5 displays next to the time display. 4 totalizers are on the dial for the display of the month, the day of the week, the date and for 24 hours. A day / night indicator in integrated within the 24 hours display. 2 pushers on the right side next to the crown and one on the left side are used for their settings. Big hours indexes are completed on the dial by Roman numerals every third hour. The grooved stainless steel case has drop-shaped pins which give it special appearance. Golden plated cases in yellow gold or rose gold complete the available versions of the Aventure from André Belfort.

André Belfort: Seconde Volante

A particular automatic movement with flyback has been built in into the “Seconde Volante” from André Belfort. The flyback function of this movement is implemented with 3 hands which start successively 20 seconds of a minute. Reaching the respective end of the display by 20, 40 or 60 seconds, it jumps at the beginning to the zero position, and the display keeps going on the next one of the 3 displays. Additionally to the the flyback the automatic movement has integrated a second time zone which shows independently a second time. The dial is designed with a great accuracy and love for details e.g. through the curved version with guilloche design and makes the Seconde Volante from André Belfort unmistakably unique. Models can be found in polished stainless steel or golden plated each with a black or a silver dial.

Instructions on how to use sliderules on watches

Some wristwatches have a rotary lunette with a scale almost like a sliderule, like e.g. André Belfort Universe. The outer scale on the lunette goes from 10 to 100 and is completed by an inner scale on the dial. These scales make the basic arithmetic operations, multipication and division possible.
But how does the sliderule work?

The highlighted “10” on the inner scale plays an important role.

Basically you accomplish a rule of three. A in relation to B is C in relation to D.


How do you multiply two numbers?
Look for your first number of your calculation on the outer scale of the rotary lunette. Turn the lunette until your number is above the highlighted 10 on the inner scale. Now look for your second number on the inner scale on the dial. Now you can read the result of your multiplication on the opposite side of the second number on the lunette.


For Example: 9 x 6
Turn the lunette until number 90 (ignore the 0) is above the highlighted 10 on the inner scale. Look for number 6 on the innser scale and read the result above number 6 on the lunette: 54.


How do you devide two numbers?
on the outer scale you look for the dividend (the number you would like to devide). Turn this number just above the second number on the inner- the divisor (the number you devide with). Read the results right by the highlighted “10” on the inner scale above the rotary lunette.


For Example: 50 : 25
Turn the number 50 on the lunette above the number 25 on the inner scale. Read the result by the hightlighted number 10 on the inner scale. The result is 2 (please ignore the 0)


If you would like to calculate with a one digdet number please use the decimal number instead an think away the 0. For example for a 7 you take number 70 and just ignore the 0.

André Belfort Grande Classe steel blue

The Grande Classe steel blue from André Belfort is an absolute wonderful watch to be used daily ! This luxury watch for men is of high quality impresses with its sportive design and its clear defined lines. Besides the Miyota automatic high quality watch mechanism numerous other high quality materials like the nickel free stainless steel whatch case and the sapphire glass make it to an excellent sturdy mens watch. It has a stainless steel wristband with Flip-Lock. The Grande Classe is available in four different styles.