André Belfort Déméter womens watch

Déméter from André Belfort is a watch for women with an automatic Miyota movement for the filigree wrist. The relative small case with 34 mm of diameter has a bezel with sparkling gem stones all around. These are completed with 5 diamonds as indexes for the hours which are fixed on the dial with wave-like effect. The hour indexes in form of Roman numerals are placed between the gem stones, the date display with a magnifying glass at the height of the 3 which has been incorporated into the scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The Déméter from André Belfort can be bought in white or black, the slightly structured leather band is carried out in the respective color.

Andre Belfort Demeter steel silver

André Belfort Aviateur mens watch

The unusual bezel of the Aviateur captivates through the lettering André Belfort in relief and the engraved stars which have been set in between the letters on the stainless steel case that has been kept mat. The very big numbers for the hours in a unique font encircle the dial with guilloche design with its 3 totalizers and the big date display. The totalizers for the day of the day of the week, the month and for 24 hours as well as the 2 hands have a wonderful red touch and confer the automatic watch Aviateur a light sportive character. Anyway an eye-catcher is crown with a big screwed cap and a little chain on the right side. All types of the Aviateur from André Belfort possess a black real leather strap with a fine structure and white stitching.

Andre Belfort Aviateur silver

André Belfort Comète automatic watch

The watch Comète from André Belfort with a stainless steel case silver of gold plated gemmed with a myriad of zirconia stones is a very special one ! The dial which is completely covered with zirconia stones presents as hour indexes according to the model blue or red zirconia stones. A Swiss movement ETA 2834-2 with automatic winding up works inside the Comète from André Belfort. It has a date display on the 3, a display of the day of the week on the 12 as small complications and is powered by a central rotor winded on both sides. The Swiss automatic movement of this André Belfort watch has a power reserve of 40 hours and is protected through an Incabloc shock absorber with an elastic mounted bearing jewel of the balance wheel arbor. The Comète will be produced in a limited numbered edition of 2500 pieces.

Andre Belfort Comete steel

André Belfort Le Capitaine mens watch

Le Capitaine from André Belfort is an automatic watch for men highly rich in details with a stainless steel bracelet. Big roman numerals serve as indexes for the hours which are completed with well-done indexes for the minutes in intervals of 5. 3 totalisers for the display of the month, the day of the week and for the 24 hours display with integrated day/night indicator are complemented by a big display for the date next to the third hour with an integrated magnifying glass on the sapphire glass. A tachymeter display for speed measuring is engraved in the bezel. The 2 push-buttons in a screwed version on the right side of the case are a particularity and the big crown with flank protection is between them. The watch Le Capitaine from André Belfort can be found as stainless steel version, gold plated or bicolor as well as with black IP case and bracelet.

Andre Belfort Le Capitaine gold steel white

André Belfort Galactique automatic watch

The men’s watch Galactique from André Belfort has a brushed mat stainless steel case with engraved figures on the bezel. The grooved crown on the right side is encircled with a flank protection on the sides of which the push-buttons are placed for the setting of the calendar functions. These are the date, the calendar day and the month. The open balance-wheel has been incorporated in the middle underneath these displays on the shimmering dial which gives sight on the automatic movement. The dial is surrounded with indexes for the minutes and additionally silver-plated roman numerals for the respective hours. The display is completed with hour and minute hand covered with luminous material, so that they can be also read in the darkness. Next to the models with a black leather bracelet, the André Belfort Galactique is also available with a stainless steel one.

Andre Belfort Galactique steel blue

André Belfort watch winder

André Belfort has recently extended its range of products adding watch winders. Since automatic watches stand still after having made full use of the power reserve, in other words after not having worn for a longer period of time, the time and the calendar functions have to be set anew. In order to avoid this procedure the watch has to be placed on a watch winder, which runs its movement. The André Belfort watch winder has room for 4 watches all together on both rotary plates. On top of it there is a drawer for storing for 4 further watches. The watch cushions on which they can be placed can be adjusted to the bracelets according their length in order to allow a secure hold for the watch. The watch winder can function either with the power-supply unit included in the package or with batteries. Watch winders are currently sold at André Belfort in black or white with high-gloss varnished piano optics.

Andre Belfort watch winder

André Belfort Terra Nova mens watch

The watch Terra Nova from André Belfort, very rich in details, is noticeable through the particularly big and engraved bezel, on which you can see scale indexes between the minutes from 0 to 15 as well as the indication of the minutes in form of Arabic numerals for the 5 and from 10 to 50 in intervals of 10. The dial with guilloche and relief-like design is enriched through the display of a second time zone, a further one for the day of the week, a 24 hours display with day/night indicator and a small one for the date. 3 zirconia stones the display of the day of the week, depending on the model in blue or red. The lettering André Belfort is applied on a plate fixed on the the dial in the form of a quarter of a circle between the third and the sixth hour. The Terra Nova is also available with a golden stainless steel case, all the exemplars have a black leather bracelet.

Andre Belfort Terra Nova steel blue

André Belfort Intemporelle automatic watch

The watch for men Intemporelle from André Belfort is a classical skeleton watch with a big onion crown on the right side of the stainless steel case. The skeletonized dial has small Arabic numerals on its surface for the display of the hours in a very nice handwriting style as well as 3 totalizers for the display of the date, the day of the week and the 24 hours display. The automatic watch Intemporelle has an André Belfort ETK 750 with 22 stones and a glass bottom. Some versions have a bezel with zirconia stones, the watches are closed through leather bands or out of stainless steel. The particular exemplars with the name affix IP black do have a dial coated with black IP or additionally a stainless steel band.

Andre Belfort Intemporelle steel leather

André Belfort Aphrodite womens watch

The ladies´ wristwatch Aphrodite from André Belfort has a ceramic band which is extremly robust and elegant at the same time. The polished steel case has a turnable bezel full of zirconia setting stones in some of the versions. The dial of the Ahprodite has diamond stones and the hours are expressed in big arabic numbers. At three you can find the window for the date. The crown on the right hand side of the case has a protection. The André Belfort Aphrodite you can also find with an IP gold case, a black dial and golden hands.

Andre Belfort Aphrodite steel black

André Belfort Étoile Polaire automatic watch

The André Belfort Étoile Polaire is a gents´automatic wristwatch with a particular design.We find a turnable ring between the dial and the bezel to show a second timezone. On the dial the hours are expressed in roman numbers, two totalizers for the month and the day of the week, as well as the date window in the centre. Some of the most colourfull dials are the blue, red and silver ones. All of them have an open hearted dial on the bottom third.You will find an Étoile Polaire version with stainless steel band, leather strap, an IP black case and one with IP gold case and IP gold band. On the right hand side of the case you will find the crown with a crown protection and two pushers to set the calendar functions. On the left top side of the case you will find a second crown to set the second timezone.

Andre Belfort Etoile Polaire steel blue