André Belfort Watches Review

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André Belfort Terra Nova mens watch

The watch Terra Nova from André Belfort, very rich in details, is noticeable through the particularly big and engraved bezel, on which you can see scale indexes between the minutes from 0 to 15 as well as the indication of the minutes in form of Arabic numerals for the 5 and from 10 to 50 in intervals of 10. The dial with guilloche and relief-like design is enriched through the display of a second time zone, a further one for the day of the week, a 24 hours display with day/night indicator and a small one for the date. 3 zirconia stones the display of the day of the week, depending on the model in blue or red. The lettering André Belfort is applied on a plate fixed on the the dial in the form of a quarter of a circle between the third and the sixth hour. The Terra Nova is also available with a golden stainless steel case, all the exemplars have a black leather bracelet.

Andre Belfort Terra Nova steel blue